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Experienced and Reliable


Wash Stuff has the latest technology from hot and cold, high and low pressure, to the most advanced green and safe chemicals.

Trust your cleaning needs to Wash Stuff

We Pay Close Attention to Detail


Your IMAGE is our first concern.  Wash Stuff will always strive to meet the highest standards, yours!

We work with you to determine the best washing process and cleaners to use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Wash Stuff is dedicated to your satisfaction.  We only use the latest technology and cleaners to give you the best wash possible.

Woman Owned Business


Chrissy started three small businesses in the last 5 years.  She runs a power washing business; Wash Stuff, a renovation company; My Turn Properties, and a rental management company; Affinity Properties. She was a Mathematics Middle and High School teacher for 12 years. And at the time Chrissy had a vision that she was going to be a school administrator managing hundreds of students and faculty. Her vision changed into the direction of owning and managing hundreds of properties and contractors for her own business.  

Meet Duke


Our mascot for Wash Stuff is Duke.  He is a very well behaved labrador that works with Chrissy daily.  He brings joy into the office and to our customers too.  Stop in to schedule an appointment for your wash and meet Duke!

Great Team


Our goal is to make you look GREAT!  From cleaning your Strip Mall to cleaning your House your satisfaction is important to us.  Our Washologists will walk the job with you at completion also to ensure we haven't missed anything. We have a great team of washologists that you can trust to get your place looking great!